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Tickets can be purchased at or from the box office. To purchase an e-ticket you will need to have your credit or debit card details and follow the steps provided.

It is a discounted ticket with a price of €5.90.

It is possible to buy it either through our site or from the cinema box office.

The MOVIE NIGHT ticket is available exclusively every Wednesday (official holidays and public holidays are excluded).

It is possible to change the ticket for any other day or screening in the existing posted program. The change is made exclusively at the cinema ticket offices, and the customer pays the additional price if the ticket issued is changed to a day other than Wednesday.

The student ticket is valid every Monday and Tuesday (official holidays and public holidays are excluded) and is only issued at the cinema ticket offices, upon presentation of the student pass.

The student ticket costs 5€.

It is necessary to show the student pass at the ticket offices to receive the discount. If you do not have it with you, you cannot take advantage of the offer.

The student ticket is valid exclusively every Monday and Tuesday (official holidays and public holidays are excluded). It also applies to all movies and price lists.

From 3 years old and above a ticket must be purchased. Until 3 years old, the child should sit on the parent’s lap.

In case of inability to attend, tickets can be changed up to 30 minutes before the start of the screening to another showtime in the already existing program. NO REFUNDS.

In the event that you do not receive the ticket at the email you have provided, you should contact the cinema at 2112164706 or send an email to

The signs are as follows:

K: Suitable for everyone
K12: Suitable for children over 12 years old
K15: Suitable for children over 15 years old
K18: Suitable for over 18 years old
A: Strictly Inappropriate

The cinema is equipped with wheelchair access in all screens.

For every online ticket purchase you must be logged in to your account to collect points. To redeem your points, you must provide your details at the box office. Every €1 corresponds to 10 points. At 600 points you redeem a free ticket. Redemption takes place only at the cinema box office and not online.

Information about the films can be found in the “Now Playing” or “Coming Soon” section of our website. If a movie does not appear, it means that there is no official release date yet.

A movie can be shown from 1 week to 4 months. You can check our website in the ‘Now Playing’ section to keep up to date with the week’s schedule.

Our screens are available for private screenings and events. Contact us for information at 2112164706 or by email at logo white

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